How it Works

How We Can Help:

  • Navigate the healthcare system
  • Understand the needs and barriers that interfere with health and wellness
  • Avocate for your needs and wishes
  • Facilitate and ensure active collaboration, communication and integration of medical and behavioral health providers and other members of your care team such as DMH, DDS, ACCS, AFC etc.

Examples of How We Do That:

  • Participate in case discussions with experts to identify actionable next steps in supporting you
  • Work with you to set up and/or keep appointments with medical and behavioral health providers
  • Arrange for transportation to appointments
  • Support you after discharge from a hospital and connect you with community-based services
  • Assist you with applications for housing resources and benefits such as SNAP or WIC for nutrition
  • Help you apply for social security benefits, obtain your driver’s license or apply for gym memberships
  • Connect you with access to Medication-Assisted Treatment, as needed
  •  Work with your primary care clinician to obtain medical equipment or access to specialty providers such as VNA, Nutritionists, Adult Family Care, or other to address your medical need