Our Role and Approach

We strive to understand your individual needs, in order to help you establish your goals, identify services to help address those needs and goals and to help you access those services.  The ultimate goal is for you to achieve good health, wellness and recovery.  Our care coordination services are free of charge to you, as they are included as one of your MassHealth benefits. 
Our role is to:
Understand your needs
• Support you to help you set your health goals
• Connect you to services to help you with your needs
We are easy for you to access:

We can meet you wherever you are – in your home, in the hospital, in your neighborhood, at a shelter, at a restaurant or diner – wherever you choose.

• We speak your language, or we will provide interpreter services.

• We will learn what’s important to you – What are your strengths? What works best for you? What are your goals and needs for your health?

• We will connect you to services and supports and ensure open communication with your trusted health care provider.

• We will provide coaching and support on health and nutrition.

• We can connect you to community resources to help you with nutrition, housing, employment, and educational resources.

• We take a team approach to work closely with your doctor and other trusted providers on your care team.

• We continue to work with you until your goals are met. We are able to respond quickly if there is a change due to family crisis, sudden illness, or change in employment or benefits.