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Meet the Sardelis Family:

Lisa Sardelis is a single mother of two children with disabilities:  Amara is 6 years old and Max is 11 years old.  Amara is non-verbal and is diagnosed with Autism, seizure disorder and a congenital disorder.  Max is non-verbal, legally blind and has a developmental disability as well as physical limitations. Amara and Max both receive multiple services and both use wheelchairs.


When the Central Community Health Partnership (CCHP) care coordinator met with the Sardelis family, Lisa was doing her best to attend doctors’ visits and connect with many school-based and healthcare providers. While working with DPH (Department of Public Health) to arrange services and supports, Lisa was often the main source of information for providers and specialists.


The CCHP care coordinator quickly assessed the needs of the family and developed a detailed, person-centered Care Plan for each child.  This plan included the children’s needs, providers and goals.


The care coordinator also made sure that the family had medical equipment needed to support the children’s daily needs.  By helping to coordinate the needs of both Amara and Max at the same time, CCHP has made a big impact on Lisa and her children.